Skoda Vision E Concept Images Are Here, Released Ahead of Shanghai Expo

Skoda Vision E Concept

Skoda Vision E concept was speculated to be revealed at the upcoming Shanghai auto expo.

The automobile brand has however released it earlier giving people a glimpse of how they envision the future of their cars.

The entire automobile industry is moving towards electric cars and autonomous capabilities. Skoda is on the same line and their E Concept looks everything an automatic car should look like. The car’s front fascia and the dashboard is dominated by large glass surfaces that allows maximum amount of natural light to reach the interiors. They end in sculpted seats which look curvy and can also be rotated up to 20 degrees so that passengers can sit in a position that they find most comfortable.

Skoda Vision E Concept Image

Revamping the technologies used in the car is essential for Skoda so that they have enough space to sit. The central infotainment system is mounted on the dashboard but there is an individual touchscreen for each passenger onboard, making it easy to control music, movies and other functions in this futuristic car. The driver will no longer have to control the volume or other in-car settings as everyone will have a screen of their own. And, if it happens to be an autonomous vehicle the driver doesn’t have to do anything at all.

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The company released official exterior images of the car in the month of March. It is a four-door crossover coupe. The CEO of the company, Bernhard Maier confirmed that the production version of the car will go onto floors in 2020. We still have at least three years to go but that didn’t stop Skoda will showcasing it at the upcoming Shanghai auto expo.

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Volkswagen’s MEB platform has been used to construct the car which also makes it possible to use an electric motor and battery setup in it. Skoda has planned to launch at least five different electric cars before 2025 and when they do so, they will also include some plug-in hybrids. Superb, a plug-in hybrid model that features some latest features has already been slated to get released in 2019.

Skoda Vision E Concept

The Skoda Vision E concept car is a SUV and belongs to the road car category. The model has LED headlights that continue to blend with the phantom grille. It is mounted on large 21-inch wheels and has wide dimensions allowing great headroom for all passengers. It features a 12-inch display and is said to deliver 302 horsepower with a maximum range of 310 miles.