Skylanders to Come up with More Sequels according to Activision’s CEO


The Skylanders game is based on the toys-to-life concept that has seen a downward curve of late.

The game also has reached a stagnation point and there have been no major updates for quite some time now. However, Activision’s CEO Eric Hirshberg recently declared that there will be more upcoming sequels to the game and the company is not yet done with the game. In an interview, Hirshberg stated that Skylanders was part of the broader plans for the company and that the game has created a new market altogether. He also said that he never believed that the toys-to-life concept had come to an end. Rather, it was just oversaturated that resulted in an off balance between supply and demand.


Skylanders created a new trend of producing toys that suited the interests of kids of the 21st century. According to the CEO, these kids are more focused on interactive entertainment. This is why the company tied up with Netflix to offer a TV series. They are also working on developing a mobile game for Skylanders and considering various investment plans to see which would be the best choice. In the interview, Eric also said that one of the primary reasons for the stagnation of Skylanders was the withdrawal of Wii from the market. None of the present day gaming consoles have captured the hearts of customers in the casual gaming market the same way Wii did. Sad to say, even Wii U could not create this effect among the masses. However, Skylanders is confident of working its way out of this problem and once again make its entry into the minds of customers.

In toys-to-life video games, physical figurines interact with one another in the course of the game using either radio frequency identification, near field communication or image recognition. The figures in the Skylanders game are placed on a unit called Portal of Power that senses them and imports the character represented by the figure. These characters then find their entry into the game as playable characters. Interestingly, the first Skylanders game was launched in 2011 under the name Spyro’s Adventure. Following this release, there has been a game for the next five consecutive years. After the first game, each of the games that followed had a set of characters newly introduced. In other words, these new characters were not present in the earlier versions. The last game that reached the masses was Imaginators in 2016. Apart from these series, developer Activision also released six games as a spin off for mobile devices.

skylanders characters

All games take place in a fantasy place called Skyland with its inhabitants known as Skylanders. The central theme of all the games is to stop Kaos from overpowering the Skylanders and ruling the kingdom. For this, the inhabitants have to pass through various levels in the course of the game. A Skylander is connected with ten elements for his or her survival that include Dark, Light, Earth, Magic, Fire, Air, Water, Undead, Life and Tech. The Skylanders have a gamut of supporting characters to help them during the war and they work happily in unison with the Portal Masters to reach their goal. The games in the console have similar story lines but those in the Nintendo 3DS illustrate various stories.                                     

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