Skype on Android Gets Dark, Light Themes, Activity Indicators and Chat Sorting


Microsoft’s team is very busy working on Skype and they have been consistently rolling out one feature after the other for the Android version of the program.

Just a day ago, the team rolled out the option to use Paypal in the app and rolled out an update.

Obviously, a lot of Android users are very unhappy with the fact that app developers are rolling out too many updates every day. That didn’t stop Skype from sending out another update within 24 hours bringing in some great changes to the app. While it is going to definitely take a toll on your bandwidth and test your patience a bit, this time the app receives one of the most wanted features users have been asking for a very long time. The latest version of the app available on the Google Play Store is 8.3.

Skype ios

The first and foremost is the ability to switch between two different themes. Skype for Android supports dark and light theme for the first time making it easy for you to use the app in dimly lit conditions without affecting your eyes. It is definitely going to bring about a welcome change in daily usage. One of the themes, the Light is not so surprisingly is an all-white design which should look very bright especially on AMOLED displays and is the right pick when using the app under direct sunlight. The dark theme changes the app’s interface to a grey tone.

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As soon as you download the update and run the Skype Android app for the first time, it will provide you with the two different themes to choose from. You can choose any as you like because there is no constraints on sticking to the same theme. The option to switch to dark or light anytime is available right in the user interface. Another new feature is the activity indicators which are small green dots that pop up at the bottom right side of your contacts’ profile picture.

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Android users will also be able to sort chat windows making it easy to find what you need without having to scroll through the entire conversation. Skype’s newest update will allow users to sort messages as unread, recent or active. The company as with all change logs have specified that general performance, reliability of the app has been improved in the newest version as well. It will automatically update to the newest version if you have allowed it to auto update in your Play Store settings.

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