Skype Translator Now Available for Calls Made to Mobiles and Landlines by Using Skype Preview

Skype Preview Features

Since the time it was introduced in 2014, the Skype Translator has made it very easy for the users to stay connected with the people around the world on Skype irrespective of where they are.

Skype had announced on an official blog post that it has always loved bringing people together, and so it is excited to claim the next milestone for Skype Translator, a voice translation feature for calls made to mobiles and landlines that are made on Skype Preview. However, it is important that the user has a Skype credit or a subscription to make such calls. With this update, the users will now be able to use Skype to call people on their mobile phones and also communicate across different languages, even if they do not have Skype.

Skype Translator for Calls

Skype Translator for Calls on Skype Preview

The new updated feature of Skype will be rolling out to the members of the Windows Insider Program, which allows its consumers to get access to early builds of the Windows Operating System before it is released to all its users. The members of this Windows Insider program have to ensure that they have the latest version of Skype Preview installed on their computers and they should have a Skype Credit or a subscription. The users will be able to see an option for Skype Translator beside the call button when they select the dial pad and enter a phone number to make a call. Tapping on the Skype Translator option will bring up all the settings for it. The user can set the preferred languages from here and place the Skype call. When the receiver picks up the call, they will first hear a short message which states that the call is being recorded and will be translated using Skype Translator. The people can start talking after the message ends.

In addition to this, the users will be able to call the people who are have been saved on their profile as a Skype contact with a mobile phone or a landline, although making such calls will require the caller to have a subscription or a Skype credit. The callers will have to select the contact from their list and tap on the icon for Skype Translator in order to bring up the translating options. The options can then be saved, followed by a tap of the call button that will now allow the users to select the phone number to which they want to place the Skype call.

Multi-lingual Support

The Skype Translator is currently supporting 9 spoken languages that include English, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Chinese (Mandarin), Italian, French, Spanish, German, and Arabic. The company has also suggested that wearing a good headset will improve the calling experience of Skype Translator significantly. The quality of the translations is set to get higher when the Skype Translator is used more. This Skype Translator update will expand the reach of Skype by bringing in more people, who were restricted till now by the language barrier.

Skype Preview Updated Features

Skype Preview Features

The latest updated version of Skype Preview also includes a couple of other additional features which allows the users to introduce their family and friends on Skype by just sharing the details of their Skype contact. They can also capture and share video messages on Skype with their family and friends, even if they are not online. The users will now be allowed to manage their Skype conversations and mark them as read or unread, which will save their time.

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