Skyrim Mod Enderal Is A Whole New Game In Itself


Skyrim mods have always set a new benchmark with unique content and best graphics.

But, Enderal is going to be the top of the food chain because it is one of the best ever mod to get launched that changes the game completely.

PC gamers who are familiar with mods know their potential and power. They can literally pave way for a whole new game and you will soon forget that you are still within the base game. When playing Enderal, it is easy to forget that it is a modification created by a team of enthusiastic coders. The group spent years to make it look professional and experts including actors have lent their voices to make it sound authentic.

Skyrim Mod Enderal Is A Whole New Game In Itself

Enderal mod has a story of its own! The story takes place in a world which was once ruled by the gods and there are other races trying to survive in the barren lands. Players have to follow the plot to become the chosen one along with plenty of side quests. Intelligent people sometimes end up killing their own family and you play as one such character.

The character keeps getting flashes of his memory and he knows he has killed many but he couldn’t recall what exactly happened. The quest begins within Skyrim but it has a lore of its own and will soon pull you into the story. The professionalism in the mod is so good that they have managed to bend a lot of rules. Unlike Skyrim, magic is not something you can use at a whim. It could either turn into magical powers or simply kill you with a flu.

Some of the quests are really good where you get to explore a world governed by a group called path. While these are the best, there are some quests that are too linear and could be really low in quality. There are times when the Enderal mod for Skyrim could frustrate you but thankfully they are at their minimal level.

Using magic can have adverse effects and most games shy away from the concept. They try to avoid it so as to keep the game interesting but being a mod, Enderal had the freedom to explore the concept and give players a whole new experience in an open world title like Skyrim. You can download mod which should easily offer up to 50+ hours of non-stop gameplay.

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