Titanfall 2 Slammed By PC Gamers For Skipping Multiplayer Beta Test

Titanfall 2 Slammed By PC Gamers

The entire PC gaming community is irked at Respawn Entertainment for choosing not to release Titanfall 2 multiplayer beta test for Windows gamers.

They were supposed to launch the open beta on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC at once. It helps developers stress test their servers and ensure that the game runs smoothly without any lags when overloaded. The betas also give players a fair idea of how the game would look like and play. If they are happy with it, they can obviously make the purchase on launch day. Developers utilize the test to determine how it runs on PCs with different configurations and fix any last minute bugs.

Skipping the tedious process, Respawn choose to ignore PC gamers completely and gave some reasons that annoyed them to the core. Their first claim is that the developers didn’t had enough time to optimize the game for varying configurations people use. Going with Xbox One and Playstation 4 consoles were an easy choice for the team to make. The head of the team, Vince Zampella also added that modders and curious PC gamers always try to mess with the files within.

Titanfall 2

The folders may leak important information with regards to the single player campaign. The team doesn’t want the surprise element to be lost which is another reason they decided to stop Titanfall 2 multiplayer beta from landing on PC ever. This has annoyed them a lot and most have come to a conclusion that the game is a really bad port. It is not going to run with smooth frame rates and social media comments confirmed that the sales will witness some heavy drop due to the comments made by Respawn boss.

Most PC gamers have also decided to wait for the game to be out, read reviews and ensure that it has been properly ported to suit hardware specifications. If the game fails to meet their expectations, they can save their money and invest it on some other AAA title like Watch Dogs 2 or Battlefield 1. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is another option but COD franchise continues to be ignored by majority while a part of the population ensures the game developers make some revenue which is why Activision didn’t go bankrupt yet.

Will Titanfall 2 be as good as expected or filled with bugs and be a bad PC port? The launch date will help us clear our doubts when we review the game.

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