Skyrim Player Uses 260 Mods to Recreate Games of Thrones Trailer

Game of Thrones trailer

Elder Scrolls Skyrim is a game known for its vast array of mods and when a title comes from developer Bethesda, it’s easy to say that it will be bombarded with these add-ons throughout the years.

The game got released in the last decade but continues to stay relevant because there is one or other interesting mod to meddle with. Mod support is a crucial factor for PC gamers and it has finally caught the attention of PS4, Xbox One players as well. While Microsoft seamlessly brought it to their console as Xbox One uses an open PC-like architecture, Sony has been really reluctant on this part. The issue continues for Fallout 4 and Skyrim to support mods on consoles.


Meanwhile, those who play these games on computers are having endless fun. Players who purchased Skyrim and all other DLCs got the remastered edition for free on Steam. But, not all mods will run in the new edition which is why a popular streamer UpisnotJump has went with the old edition to get the job done. He worked really lot which is evident because over 260 mods were used to recreate the Game of Thrones trailer. They were done to near perfection even though you can’t achieve hundred percent authenticity in such an old game.

The designer managed to bring as much reality as possible into the trailer. Game of Thrones is an iconic success in HBO history and one of the best series in a long time. The trailer was released in 2011 and had too many characters than the latest version. A lot of them are dead by now and many are still young, yet to step into the cruel world to fight for power. The dragons are not there which is another surprising element in a GOT trailer.

Game of Thrones trailer

Get nostalgic with the Game of Thrones trailer created in the world of Skyrim. While UpisnotJump isn’t going to get any reward for spending so many hours in making this trailer, it is fan comments and support that will encourage such creative people to keep doing what they do. You can drop in a comment on his Youtube channel to know what you think about the trailer. It has been attached here for you to take a look. As we do know that many wouldn’t remember how the original trailer looked like, the GOT video has also been attached to compare them side by side.


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