Skyrim Players Wish For a LEGO Version


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one game that has seen a lot of significant contributions made to it by a large community of creators.

Many of the creators have put together elaborate packs for the game that are at par with expansion packs launched officially by the developing team. However, now the fans of the game seem to be expecting something different from the game.

The massive popularity achieved by LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga hasn’t gone unnoticed by Skyrim players. The players seem to have made a note of it and are now wondering how a LEGO adaptation of an Elder Scrolls would appear to be.

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Considering the fact that a large number of editions of Skyrim have been launched in the last couple of years, expecting the makers to release a LEGO spinoff version is not a very unreasonable idea. Many of the concepts in Skyrim are quite similar to the kind of themes one comes across in LEGO.

This particular discussion started off on Reddit around a week ago by a user named KoolKbeludo. The user shared a screenshot that had LEGO-style versions of an Altmer and an Argonian. In this particular screenshot, the popular Skyrim intro was reimagined with the horse cart that was responsible for carrying the UlfricStormcloak and the Dragonborn that one came across in Helgen’s background.

Just imagine… from skyrim

The community came up with a lot of creative ideas as to how a LEGO Skyrim would appear to be. While somebody suggested that Dragon Shouts in Skyrim should convert enemies into loose bricks, another user commented that Ralof could wake players with an alarm clock. Many community members, who were initially of the opinion that this particular concept was bizarre, arrived at the conclusion that there is a lot that one could do with this idea.

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