Rockstar Games Addresses The Gender Pay Gap Problem

GTA 5 Rockstar

For a very long time, experts have been talking about the gender pay gap in the video game industry.

It was often believed that the video game industry is run by men. However, in the last several years, many enterprising women have made a significant contribution to this industry. In the recent past, leading gaming companies have acknowledged this fact. However, several issues pertaining to gender employment bias and offering a fair pay to both the genders continue to persist.

In such a scenario, one expects Rockstar Games, one of the biggest gaming developers in the industry, to address these issues. Rockstar Games has not been oblivious to the issues of gender pay gap. Many of the senior positions in the company are occupied by men. One of the most effective ways in which the gaming publisher can improve employment equality numbers is by hiring female employees in entry-level positions. However, it will take several years for these individuals to rise through the hierarchy and play a role in shaping up important policies of the company.

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The good news is that Rockstar Games is working towards resolving these issues. The small but important initiatives taken by them is evident of the fact that the company is serious about getting these problems fixed. This visible change is also a result of female developers pro-actively talking about closing the gender pay gap and getting better remuneration.

Rockstar Games has taken a major step by releasing the company’s official gender pay gap report for 2021. The snapshot offers a glimpse of how the developer has made progress in this particular area and how it wishes to move forward in this space.

This particular report includes an array of information pertaining to the different programs and sponsorships the gaming company has planned to offer equal employment opportunities. The report also features concrete information on the equitable gender balance of the company. Though the report shows a major gap in payment in terms of gender, the report specifies that it will take a couple of years to close this gap.

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