Skyrim Remastered Edition on PC has Same Bugs, Graphical Issues

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Remastered Edition is now available on PC and those who already own the ultimate edition will get the copy for free.

A lot of fans who enjoyed playing hours in the world of Skyrim probably received it without any additional costs. All they had to do was buy the original game along with all the DLCs released so far. However, it looks like Bethesda didn’t do much of a great job with the PC edition. The remastered edition is supposed to be developed from the ground up with great visuals, graphics and obviously no bugs at all.

Skyrim Remastered

Much to the disappointment of many, Skyrim Remastered Edition has the same textures as the original game. It doesn’t offer much in terms of quality according to a review on Steam. The developers have focused solely on adding god rays, some lighting effects, motion blur and depth of field. They are not graphical upgrades but rather gimmicks to make the game look like a current generation AAA title.

Another issue that most players reported is that they were unable to use the Alt + tab functionality on their computers. Graphics issues are rampart in the new Skyrim. In most scenarios, the game wouldn’t run properly even on mid-range cards. While the older edition ran smooth without much issues, the remastered edition delivers just 30 frames per second in 720p resolution whereas a new game like Witcher 3 runs much better on the same GTX 960.

Bethesda is known for making some of the largest game worlds and Skyrim is easily the best among them. However, when they create such a location it obviously leads to lots of bugs and the new edition has them all intact, according to another Steam review.

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

For players who like to buy the new edition without owning the old one, it is priced at $40 and most reviews doesn’t recommend them to pay the money. It is very similar to what you pay for a new game and the remastered version is not as new as the developers claim it to be. Vanilla textures from the original game is still used in the newer version and it also leads to a lot of bugs found in the edition.

If you got the game for free, it might be worth to check it out and enjoy the new mods. If not, it’s purely a choice for longtime Skyrim fans who can overlook those bugs and awful graphics.

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