Skyrim Special Edition Compared With PC Mods In Terms Of Visual Fidelity


Skyrim Special Edition with remastered next gen visuals is the talk of the town but with so many mods out there on the PC platform, has they done something extraordinary or is it all the same?

The people at digital foundry, the company known for comparing games on different platforms and publish test result videos has answered this important question. They have picked some of the best visual mods and grabbed videos from the trailer Bethesda released. The exact same location is used so that one could easily see the changes the developers have made. The comparison video is posted below so that you can spend hours in trying to see what exactly changed.

Skyrim Special Edition

If you are really impatient, the answer is simple. Mod developers have already surpassed Bethesda, the original development team. They have incorporated so many amazing things in the world of Skyrim. The only difference is that the developers have opted for a bright, orange tone for the maps while mod developers choose to have a blue-ish tint throughout the levels. It doesn’t affect the overall quality of the title at any point.

With limited resources and time, it is easy to say that mods done by random people are simply too good to be true. They have already matched what Bethesda did with the Skyrim Special Edition. It is not going to be much of a next gen especially for PC gamers. If you are going to pay and get it, it is not worth it. The team however has confirmed that the special edition will be rolled out for free to all PC gamers.

Anyone who has the Skyrim and all the DLC packs is eligible to receive a free copy of the title. The original developers of the game have access to 64-bit edition which allowed them to tweak the graphics to greater scales. Mod developers however had to work with 32-bit which does show in visual fidelity. Once the Skyrim Special Edition gets launched, everyone will have access to 64-bit with more memory to play with.

Get ready to experience some amazing new mods which should give a new lease of life for Skyrim. The game has over 30,000 players online despite the fact that it was released about five years ago. Mods were the only reason that made it possible and with the launch of the remastered edition, things are going to get better than ever.

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