OnePlus 3 UK Prices Hike after Brexit Vote

OnePlus 3 OTA Update

Britain recently played a major role in the UK’s exit from the European Union. Dubbed Brexit, the move has raised so many questions across major tech companies that operate within the UK and Europe in general.

The voting process took place about two weeks ago and with nothing barely known with regards to what exactly are the impacts of Brexit, questions, speculations, and concerns are what dominate the tech world. However, as it seems, the answers to these questions, speculations and concerns will not be quick to come by. In essence, no can tell what really will happen to the UK following its exit from the EU.

While experts are still pondering on this, short-term effects are already showing up. Apparently, one of the companies that are characterized with the selling of very affordable devices across the globe has had a change of heart with respect to the newest member of its smartphone family – the OnePlus 3.

Upon its announcement last month, OnePlus 3 was set to cost £309. However, since this phone has yet to make its debut in the country, which should happen as from July 12, the company has quickly revised its price tag, adding an extra £20. This means that to get a new OnePlus 3 in the UK, potential buyers will have to part with £329. This is happening because the Sterling Pound is no longer at the same level as it was a few weeks ago.

OnePlus 3 Gold

Currency fluctuations have been at the heart of a similar price change for OnePlus. It happened last year with the OnePlus One, which saw a price increment of 20% in the Eurozone, with the reasoning behind it being the falling value of the region’s top currency. When compared to the current price hike for OnePlus 3, the latest represents a smaller change of just 7%. But what does it mean for the UK? Probably the worst is yet to come, among them hiked prices for basic needs including food and medicine.

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