Skyrim’s Fanbase Is Huge Like Fallout 4, Devs Explain Remaster Reasons

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Bethesda head Pete Hines has some logical reasons to share as to why they choose Skyrim for remastering and didn’t go for Morrowind or Oblivion.

Remastering a game is a lot of work than what people assume and it is almost similar to creating a game from the scratch. “When we decided to remaster one of your old games, we were surprised to see that making Oblivion was a mammoth task. It involved so many man hours and the effort that we should put in is similar to that of making a new game. If the team wants to work on something new, it’s better to go for it rather than spending time on a really old title,” explained Hines.

Apart from this reason, Hines explained that before Fallout 4 got released, Skyrim was one of their biggest hits ever. Now, both these titles have an amazing fan base and they are quite active unlike any other title. Morrowind and Oblivion are in the brink of extinction whereas Skyrim is still popular with so many mods to meddle with. It is always easy to go for something that will instantly have players into the game without any delay.

Skyrim’s Fanbase Is Huge Like Fallout 4

The same cannot be said about older titles because they have very little attention from the gaming community. When the team spends time on making something new, it needs to reach the right people. Skyrim has the potential to do so, confirmed Bethesda head Hines.

“The Oblivion engine is like 10 years old. Working on such an old platform will be strenuous for our people. The technology used to bring it into high definition with latest fog lights, effects and frame rates is lot of work. It’s like mountainous which pushed us into going for Skyrim as the obvious choice,” he added.

Mods on the new Skyrim remastered edition will work similar to the old game. It is however in 64-bit and any old mod with 32-bit content should be modified so that it works fine in the new game. A new creation kit is being bundled by Bethesda along with the game. They are supposed to run the mod files through this kit and submitted on the website before it can be rolled out to PS4 or Xbox One consoles.

PC gamers will have more convenience as all latest mods built using 64-bit technology will run smooth whereas others require a quick tweak before it can be used with the Skyrim base game.

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