ZTE Axon 7 –Tough Cookie at Affordable Pricing Passes Torture Tests With Flying Colors

ZTE Axon 7 With Flying Colors

The ZTE Axon 7 is a tough cookie that comes at an affordable price.

The ZTE Axon 7 was released in the US last month, while actually being introduced in the month of May this year. The phone comes with top-notch specifications and at the price of $400 it surely is not pricey.

Withstanding Tests

The ZTE Axon 7 is affordable but more importantly, it is tough and able to withstand a number of tests, showing it can handle stress. Zack Nelson is a well-known YouTuber, going by the name JerryRigEverything. He is known for putting many of the well known mobile devices under inspection and subjecting the devices to stress tests to determine the robustness of the phone.

Rigorous Tests

Recently, he had put the ZTE Axon 7 to a rigorous test series of challenges to test the durability. He tested the smartphone for its reactions to scratches, burns and bending. He selected this device, as the Axon 7 is a very popular mobile phone from the Chinese company and it has been drawing much attention due to the high-end specifications and the reasonable pricing.

Performance on Scratch Tests

Nelson made use of four picks having varied tips on the ends for this test. The scratching of the glass on the phone would show the resistance of the Axon 7’sdisplay screen. The screen is a QHD, AMOLED one of 5.5 inches. Usually, plastic screens like the one on the S7 Active (Samsung Galaxy) will scratch at a 3 level, whereas normal screens get scratched at the level 6. A cheaper screen will be scratched at the level 4.

ZTE Axon 7

Results of Scratch Test

The result showed the Axon 7 scratched at the level 6, which is the same as other flagship phones available in the market today. The same test was also performed on the front and the rear cameras of the phone (8 MP on the front and 20 MP on the rear). There was no scratch in both the cases, as it is made of glass.

However, the grills of the top and bottom speakers were scratched. This is because they are made of plastic and not of metal. The dual LED, flash seen on the back of the phone is also not resistant to scratches. The fingerprint scanner does not show resistance to scratches, but you can still use it seamlessly even after the stress test.

Burn Tests

Nelson made use of a lighter on the screen and the results are astonishing, as the phone came out completely unscathed. A faint burn mark was observed after 22 seconds of applying the heat, compared with 15 seconds in case of the S7 (Galaxy). Moreover, the mark disappeared after the phone had cooled.

Bend Tests

Under pressure, the screen of the phone rose up slightly, though the body did not show much flex when Nelson applied pressure from both the ends.

All these results to the stress tests show that the ZTE Axon 7 is one big winner. It has high-end specs, it is available at a reasonable pricing and it is robust as well.

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