Smart Seats with Health Monitoring and Auto Adjustment Coming Soon to Cars

Smart Seats Health Monitoring

The smart seats of the future are about to change the way people travel in cars once and for all.

The new range of seats are said to be able to change their shape based on a person’s body and monitor their health on the go.

Smart Seats Health Monitoring

They are comprised of a mesh design and individual zones in the seat will move forward to backward to accommodate limbs. The design includes dedicated bolsters which will wrap themselves around the lumbar region, torso and thighs. The position the seat finalizes is certified by a chiropractor for the best position that reduces fatigue and it also helps avoid long term health issues related to the spine region.

Lear is the company behind this idea. When most automobile manufacturers are busy trying to implement electric motors and self-driving technology to cars, they missed some of the basic aspects. For so many years, the seats continue to be the same with very little changes and cause lot of discomfort to many passengers. They are always designed as an one for all design and cannot be customized to individual requirements.

A global supplier of automotive seats, Lear has taken the responsibility to innovate the segment and the upcoming design is said to be implemented first in the Lexus UX Concept car. In their description, the designers added that these seats are made to offer the best level of safety and comfort to the passengers. They are highly intelligent and are capable of reading a person’s health.

If the driver has an extreme increase in their blood pressure or shows any sign of health problem, the seat will automatically send notification to medical personal. The same system is applicable in case of an accident. Majority of the impact will be absorbed by the intelligent seat which instantly adjusts its position to minimize the impact and will send biometric data to an emergency unit closeby. From the description, it is easy to deduce that these smart seats are supposed to work with the autopilot system in the cars to avoid casualties by seeking medical treatment as quick as possible.

Lexus UX Concept car

Mercedes Benz has AirScarf which integrates air vents in headrests for more breathing space. Second generation of the AirScarf is expected to include noise blocking on the headrests and soon the seats are supposed to change shape from time to time, allowing people to use their car as a mobile office or a relaxing lounge.

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