Snapchat to Introduce Ads Between Stories as Company Pushes into Advertising


Despite being one of the most used messaging applications in the U.S., Snapchat has remained a shadow of what Facebook can do when it comes to advertising.

This is going to change as the company has now taken a different route and approach towards advertising. Snapchat will be introducing video ads thanks to the newly released advertising API that is known as Snapchat Partners. What this means is that ad space can now be bought on this chat platform through collaborations with third parties, something that will be happening for the first time in the company’s existence.

Rather than strike a direct deal with Snapchat, advertisers will now use third-party players (and their software) to purchase and manage small and mammoth video advertising campaigns. According to the report, the new Partners API will be integrated into the current Sponsored video stories. However, the real deal appears to be the new feature known as Snap Ads Between Stories. Just like you’ve read it, it means that Snapchat will work to introduce video ads between your stories.

The good side of the story is that this can also be skipped with a nifty feature that the chat app introduced in March – a feature that allows users to skip past these ads and head directly to the video content posted by your friends. However, this is not what Snapchat wants, instead, it will ensure that all ads are inspected individually such that only what is relevant comes to your phone. In addition, the number of ads served will be minimized to the lowest number possible so as not to turn out as a nuisance.


The Snap Ads Between Stories feature will now add to the likes of Geofilters and Sponsored Lenses in making money for the start-up, however, they will not be linking up with this feature as far as the Partner API is concerned.

Don’t be too eager to see the new ads between your stories just yet because the company says that they will start showing up in a few weeks’ time. As for now, you can keep on enjoying the last days of the ad-free Snapchat.

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