Snapchat Updates Bring Gif Stickers, New Tabs but Redesign Stays


Snapchat has some exciting new things to share and there’s also some bad news for the million users who felt the redesigned interface isn’t good.

While Instagram has a long-running reputation for copying features, for the first time Snapchat has finally copied from their rival by including gif stickers in their app.

For a very long time, Instagram loves to copy everything Snapchat does and implement it in their app. This time, Snapchat has taken the lead as the company has now added a feature which will allow users to add gif stickers from Giphy before you create posts on the app. The concept of adding gifs to stories is definitely a great addition and millions of users already love it around the globe. The ability to do it on your favorite app just makes it all the better.

Snapchat Updates Bring Gif Stickers

In the official announcement, the developers confirmed that the new Gif stickers powered by Giphy will be added to the Sticker Picker option which is already found in the Snapchat user interface. Apart from helping their users brighten up stories, the team behind Snapchat is also rolling out a new feature to make the app more intuitive than it already is. Instead of splitting it up, the Friends and Discover screens will now have individual tabs on the same screen so that you can do more without leaving the page.

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Users should now be able to view all the activities their friends are up to, the latest stories they are subscribed to and also maintain group tabs. The different tabs make it easier to switch between one another while keeping in touch with the latest stories in your subscription feed. The company has been facing a lot of criticism lately but the addition of Gif stickers powered by Giphy is a welcome addition their huge user base would appreciate.

Snapchat Updates Bring Gif Stickers, New Tabs but Redesign Stays

When Snapchat rolled out their massive redesign, it met with too much criticism and the petition to bring old Snapchat back received more than 1.2 million signatures. Talking about the changes, the company’s new CEO Evan Spiegel confirmed that they want to stay in touch with what their users want and will definitely heed feedback. The development team confirmed that they are not going to bring the old design back but will rather tweak the new design so as to make it more intuitive and appealing to their users.

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