Whatsapp Business Will Soon Integrate with Facebook to Manage Messages and Payments


Whatsapp is owned by Facebook and the company has been making use of its servers as well as other resources to sustain their billion users.

The development team has modified their terms and conditions which confirmed that an imminent integration is about to happen between these two major social platforms.

Going by the revamped terms, it looks like Facebook is about to become a big part of Whatsapp in the near future. Most teenagers and young users are no longer on both these apps as the user population is now split into multiple apps like Instagram and Snapchat. In the near future, Whatsapp might be geared strongly towards business users as it is becoming the official platform to send all types of messages, notifications and to connect brands with their users.

Whatsapp Business Soon Integrate with Facebook to Manage Messages and Payments

Based on the changes made to the agreement, the idea is to integrate Whatsapp deeply with Facebook pages, messages,and comments so that it benefits both the common users as well as brand owners. You will soon be able to initiate a conversation on Facebook and request the person to continue chatting on Whatsapp for seamless communication, especially when there is no Messenger installed but the other popular app may be readily available on all devices.

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Similarly, all kinds of business transactions can be done through Whatsapp now when the features are rolled out in the next update on Android and iOS. Right from order tracking, order placement to the transaction, creating appointments for a meeting, shipping notifications can be shared directly to the app so that you don’t have to keep yourself logged in, in multiple accounts at once. Besides, business users will find this more convenient as they will be able to share all information with their customers and keep notified of product delivery or other aspects related to a transaction easily.

Whatsapp Business Will Soon Integrate with Facebook to Manage Messages and Payments

The developers of Whatsapp are also working to integrate payment system for Facebook’s marketplace and it may soon lead to an upgrade when products or services can be purchased by using the text messaging app. Whatsapp recently rolled out an update in India where it allowed users to send or receive payments by using the app. With millions of users in the country and many others, it may soon catch up as the most preferred way to do transactions. An official update is expected to be rolled out to iOS and Android devices but there is no confirmed date yet.

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