Sony Confirms Tekken 7, Briks, Crossout and More in The Drop for PS4, PS Vita

Tekken 7

Sony has officially listed the list of games as part of their ‘The Drop’ announced for the week of May 30th and it includes of the most iconic fighters from the past.

Tekken 7 is a leading fighting game alongside Street Fighter V and these two titles continue to rule the roost despite so many other new games dropping in from time to time. The only equally strong competitor would be Mortal Kombat X, the last release in the series with its amazing graphics and the most realistic fighting gameplay. Injustice 2 got launched just a week ago and it has to compete directly with Tekken 7 which is set to get launched on PS4.

Star Trek Bridge Crew

A huge lineup of games are scheduled to get launched on the PS4 and the PS Vita console. Despite all the critics and rumors, PS Vita continues to receive titles which is a welcome relief for those who have purchased the console to enjoy on the go gaming. It also managed to compete easily against the newly launched Nintendo Switch portable console that uses inferior hardware specifications.

ACA Neogeo Metal Slug 2, The Last Slug are the two titles in the same series heading to the Playstation 4 console. Briks and Crossout are also in the list followed by Damascus Gear Tokyo Battle HD Edition, Danger Zone, Energy Balance and Enigmatis 2 The Mists of Ravenwood are all coming to the PS4 console. Sony has been following a very limited styled format to list these games because the company claims they are too busy preparing for the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017 edition.

If the team managed to impress gamers and critics alike during the E3 2017 with an amazing lineup of games including the new God of War, The Last of Us 2 among other iconic Playstation exclusive games, it should be well justified. For simulator lovers, Oh Sir! The Insult Simulator is an ideal pick but do know that it may not be the kind of simulator you are looking for as its all about insults.

Tekken 7

Ys Origin is the one coming to the handheld PS Vita console along with Shu. If you are PS VR owner, Sony has Star Trek Bridge Crew lined up for the PS VR platform which is a digital title and is sure to give your virtual reality needs something to gorge on until more games are ready to be launched.