Google Music Gives New Subscribers 4 Months Free Access

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Google Play Music is a great alternative for regional and international music, especially if you are not so satisfied with your Spotify subscription.

With a motivation to bring those lost subscribers on board and to attract new ones, Google has announced that the company will provide four months of free subscription for those who sign up for their service. There is no word on how long this particular offer will last because the company didn’t announce an exact end date. It should be available at least for a week or two to get enough people to notice and sign up.

Google Music Subscribers

For users who were mulling over the idea of signing up for yet another service that would add up to their long list of monthly payments, this is the best time to do so. The Google Play Music is available for $10. The only catch is that you have to be a completely new subscriber and shouldn’t have signed up in the past. The idea is to engage new people and not bring existing subscribers who may have discontinued from the service in the past.

While Play Music is one of the most popular music players on Android, it has its fair share of issues which pushes people to go with alternatives. Whenever your switch between ROMs, there is a specific limit on the number of devices that you use. However, if you don’t do such tweaks in your phone this should be well in your list. The app allows you to mix your own library and has an extremely large selection of songs making it great for people in different countries. Unlike Spotify which largely focuses on English music and the US, UK audience, Google Play Music is more versatile because Android is used by people worldwide and has to have a wide collection of music albums.

Google Play Music Hero

A curated library can also be meddled with if you are a subscriber and it will work with local files. Make sure to keep a check on your phone data as some users complained it to be downloading songs even when the app doesn’t have to. Spotify offers local playback by downloading your favorite songs offline and there is Amazon Music. But, the number of Amazon songs is pretty limited as expected and compared to the Amazon Prime Video service, this isn’t the best platform for your music needs. After four months of free use, you have to pay $10 a month for Google Play Music.