Sony Lists The Drop Games Coming to PS4, PS3 and PS Vita Consoles This Week


Every week, Sony drops in a huge list of promising games on all their platforms including the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita consoles.

They are all geared to satisfy the requirements of a wide range of gamers and their gaming interests.

This week’s list of the Drop games starts off with the popular Portal Knights. The game is a mix of Minecraft and RPG elements that makes it extremely addictive on the PS4 platform. It is scheduled to hit the Playstation 4 console on Tuesday. Sony also announced that their entire team is busy preparing titles for launch at the E3 that they had to announce the games in a lightweight format, with very little details on the official blog.

PS Vita

Majority of the games as it has always been will land on the PS4 console while some are on PS Vita. ACA NeoGeo The Last Blade, World Heroes 2 in the same franchise are coming to the Playstation 4 console. A rather long list of titles will soon be launched on the console including BugsBox, Deliriant, Embers of Mirrim, Friday the 13th Game, Get Even and Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2.

The PS Vita console is still kicking with its own set of titles that are made for a specific group of audience and it makes sense to play it on the go than rather having to play it glued to the large HD television. The PS Vita games which are heading to the platform next week are Kung Fury Street Rage, Plantera, Spellspire and Ultaware Mask of Deception.

Some of these titles may be available on the Playstation 4 platform as well because they are part of the cross buy scheme and is programmed to run on both consoles at once. But, it is best played on the handheld if you own it already. If you haven’t, this should easily be the best time to get a PS Vita because the processing capacity of the console is on par with the newly launched Nintendo Switch except for the lack of newer titles.


Sony may choose to revive it with more promising announcements at the upcoming E3 2017 event and if they do so, it will be an amazing revival for the handheld so as to compete with Switch and also show gamers that they are still in the market. Make sure to get these games next week when they drop in using your PS Plus subscriber account.