Sony Prepares Updated PS4 for Retail Sale

Sony Prepares Updated PS4 for Retail Sale

The PlayStation 4, one of the most popular gaming consoles in the world, is currently being given a mid-life upgrade by Sony.

We now expect to get a new high-end version of this device early in September, PlayStation Neo. The company has planned to introduce a new standard PS4 model alongside this high-end variant. Sony is looking at unveiling both the new devices on the 7th of September at New York’s PlayStation Theater.

The new PlayStation 4 is going to be a slimmed down variant of the current console. Sony is going with the same storyline that they followed for the PlayStation 3. The first generation of that console was bulky and had 60 GB of storage. The second generation had a 33% smaller design which helped it shed 36% of its original weight and also saw the storage increase to 160, 250, and 320 GB respectively.


This announcement from Sony for the slim PS4 is concurrent with a similar announcement by Microsoft who say they are launching a thinner Xbox One S which will see a reduction in size of 40% as compared to the original. The Xbox One S is also going to have a 2 TB variant along with a 1 TB and 500 GB version. It is now going to have Blu-ray support and will also be able to play 4K video. But the games aren’t going to be scaled to 4K quality.

A report from the WSJ quotes Damian Thong as saying this new model is going to be thinner than the first PlayStation 4 and is also going to be thinner as compared to the current console. The report has also said that Sony has reduced the production of the PlayStation 4 in order to adjust inventory, and there are a number of e-commerce sites in Japan which show the device as out of stock.

The company says they are planning to shop more than 20 million PS4 units before March 2017. This is a 2.3 million rise over the sales for the same period in 2016.

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