Sony Xperia Ear Coming to the U.S. on Dec. 13th Priced at $199.99

Sony Xperia Ear

If you followed the MWC 2016 event, you should know about the Sony Xperia Ear. This is because this device was launched at this event, but it will finally be making its way to the U.S. starting December 13th, close to a year down the line.

The tiny earbud is without a doubt an interesting device that will take care of those who are out there in search of a digital assistant gadget that can be taken everywhere. While Sony touted this device in February 2016, it has taken the Japanese tech giant more than 9 months to bring the Sony Xperia Ear to the U.S., nonetheless, many potential buyers of the gadget will be glad to hear this wait is finally over.

Those interested in getting a new Sony Xperia Ear can buy the device via the leading online retailer, Amazon. According to the company, the Xperia Ear will retail at $199.99. While Amazon will lead the way in offering this earbud to the U.S. market, it won’t be the only retailer selling the product. However, other players will be joining the party later on, among them Abt, Fry’s, and B&H.

As you can see from the pricing of the Sony Xperia Ear, it is nothing close to a cheap product. However, you will definitely love this digital assistant as you carry on with your day. For starters, the Xperia Ear is seen as a personal assistant and like other AI-based assistants you know of, it sits there waiting for you to command or rather direct it on what to do.

Sony Xperia Ear

In short, the new Sony Xperia Ear can be used to do basic stuff such as sending messages and making calls as well as scheduling appointments, among other things. But is this all such a pricey device can offer? Well, no. There is more to this device than you can probably imagine. You can go on and ask the Xperia Ear about the current weather, your schedule, directions to places and local business and their details, among other things.

Given that the Ear is meant to allow you multitask easily, Sony went further to include support for head gesture commands.

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