Is Sony Xperia X a Mid-Range Phone with a Ridiculous Price Tag?

Sony Xperia X series vs. Sony Xperia Z5 series

Sony surprised many when it announced the Xperia X range of devices at the MWC 2016 show in Barcelona since the expected was a new Xperia Z6.

One of the most hyped phone among the trio announced in the new family is Sony Xperia X. Coming in with specs that place it between the bottom end Xperia XA and the premium Xperia X Performance, the phone also features the latest technologies, high-resolution audio and a bunch of exciting specifications.

As mentioned, all hopes were on Sony to release a new Xperia Z6 to succeed last year’s Z5. But with the company moving in with the Xperia X, it is now obvious that the Z series will be no more. Yet to be released, Sony Xperia X will reportedly come in with a price tag of about $670. This is a price tag for a flagship device and in fact, it is around the price the current flagships from Samsung and LG are priced.

Interestingly, the Xperia X doesn’t come in with what qualify to be termed as flagship specs. As revealed by the phone’s spec sheet, it will pack a 5-inch Full HD display panel, unlike flagship models that come in with QHD panels. For this price, you get a sturdy glass on the front with the edges curved, however, Sony gave the phone a premium feel by adding metal on the rear. However, there is still plastic used on the sides, which folds perfectly into the phone’s chassis.

Many would expect a phone priced such heftily will include things like water resistance, but the Xperia X doesn’t. You will still notice the familiar power button on the phone’s side and the charging port is also open with no flap to cover it. Under the hood, Sony went for a mid-tier Snapdragon 650 SoC but packed the phone with flagship RAM of 3GB. This should ensure that you get decent performance from this phone.

Xperia X Series

With Sony known for its abilities in the photography arena, you won’t be disappointed with what the Xperia X has to offer. For selfie lovers, there is a massive 13MP sensor that will ensure you get the best quality whatsoever. On the other hand, Sony went for a 23MP main camera and even bettered it over the Z5 by including Predictive Hybrid Autofocus.

The operating system on board this phone is the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow and it is currently available in black and pink color variants.

Despite the fact that Sony Xperia X has a great camera, excellent design, and a capable processing package, there are lots of other devices out there with much more to offer and are priced similarly or much lower. In fact, a huge number of the latest Android flagships that include Samsung Galaxy S7, LG G5, HTC 10, Huawei P9 and Xiaomi Mi5, among others, have better specs and even better price tags than the $670 Sony demands for its mid-range phone.

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