Sony Xperia X Series Available from Third Party Retailers in the US

Xperia X Series

The Sony Xperia X series may have received lukewarm response in the United States but this has been largely down to the lack of interest from carriers to offer the models in the lineup.

Sony has traditionally struggled to attract carriers and it has been a major reason behind the failure to succeed in the US markets. Even though it looks like this scenario will not change with regard to the Sony Xperia X, the phones will at least be available without any contracts. A few third party retailers have started accepting pre-orders for the phone.

Sony has not been lagging in terms of announcing the pricing details for the new range of smartphones. These phones will replace the Sony Xperia Z lineup, which has been around for quite a while. Compared with the predecessor, the new age of smartphones might be lacking in terms of the headline feature of a two-day battery life. This is because the Sony Xperia X comes with a 2620 mAh battery; the Sony Xperia X Performance carries a slightly more powerful 2700 mAh battery; and the Sony Xperia XA gets the lowest 2300 mAh battery. This is really surprising considering that all phones – apart from the Sony Xperia XA – come with a 5 inch display with 1080p resolution as standard.

Sony Xperia X Series

The Xperia XA also has a 5 inch display but it only comes with 720p resolution. All three phones, however, comes standard with a 23-megapixel camera, which has been the standout feature of Sony smartphones in recent years. Perfected through the Sony Xperia Z series, they now have an amazing quality whether it be pictures or videos. Importantly, the phones will not come with the ability to shoot 4K videos like many of the high-end devices on sale today. They are limited to only 1080p videos, which comes as a major surprise.

Sony may have decided to go with the mediocre battery size on all three phones due to the presence of fast charging feature, which will be able to provide up to 60% of its battery size in just 30 minutes. The Sony Xperia XA is again unique with its Pump Express+ 2.0 type fast charging feature whereas the other two models come with the 2.0 version alone. The Xperia XA will be priced at $280 and will come in July. The Sony Xperia X Performance will cost $700 while the Xperia X is priced at $550.

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