Sony’s Playstation Experience with All the PS4 Games Listed

Sony Playstation Experience

Sony had a great time introducing some amazing exclusives and other games for the PS4 console.

The Playstation Experience event also witnessed the official launch of the Last of Us 2.

The Last of Us 2

Naughty Dog head had a long interview during which he confirmed that the new game will be as good as the original version. It is the studio’s next big launch after Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End. The Playstation Experience event was also the platform for multiple other titles and not all of them are exclusives. If you are a PC gamer who plays on Steam or on the Xbox One, some of these titles will find their way to these platforms.

Lara Croft Go released by Square Enix Montreal is just like the Hitman Go and was officially announced on PS4 platform. The game is already available on Steam for purchase and you could actually enjoy it right now, even on low end computers. The game uses clever strategy, puzzles and a turn based movement system.

Next in the lineup is the Ace Combat 7 that is designed from the scratch to be immersive when using the Playstation VR headset. It is not easy to get used to VR without feeling nausea but with the right games, it could kick off into something that pushes the gaming industry onto a whole new level. Street Fighter V was an expected launch followed by Knack 2, the adventure platformer.

For people who love exclusives and are highly fond of their PS4 platform, Gravity Rush 2 is coming. Along with it, there is Pyre, Danganronpa V3 Killing Harmony, Ni No Kuni II Revenent Kingdom among a couple of other titles.

One of the biggest announcements made during the Playstation Experience event was the Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. An amazing treat for fight game lovers and even those who are not familiar with button mashing would still enjoying picking on some of the iconic marvel heroes in this kickass title. A gameplay video was revealed during the show and it has been posted below for your convenience.

Sony Playstation Experience

The event was a grand success without a doubt and also paved way for a good opening for the year 2017. We have so many titles to look forward to and many of them are multi-platform. Gamers can rejoice and make sure to check out the trailers below to get a glimpse of what’s in store for you.

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