Sony’s PlayStation Vue Gets New Channels at Reduced Prices

PlayStation Vue

Sony’s PlayStation Vue seems to be reacting to the latest jump by AT&T to the non-cable TV industry by introducing new channels while at the same time cutting the prices of all three packages on offer.

The streaming alternatives that have been popping up with respect to satellite or conventional cable have begun growing in popularity. As mentioned, American giant carrier AT&T made a recent jump into this field; a field where companies such as Sling TV has found huge success. Even though Sony is already in this field with its PlayStation Vue, the addition of channels from Disney, ESPN as well as ABC is a huge step towards capturing more traction. To make the deal sweeter, Sony is also dropping the price for each of the three available packages by $10.

Access, Core and Elite packages

As far as Sony PlayStation Vue is concerned, users can enjoy three packages. These are Access, Core and Elite tiers. According to the company, each of these packages will be cut by $10. The price-cut will affect both new and current customers.

The Access package will now cost $39.99 per month with access to up to 60 channels. In addition, those on this tier will enjoy ESPN and ESPN 2 in addition to several Disney channels. The second Core tier now costs $44.99 per month and users can enjoy up to 75 channels as well as regional sports networks. For the Elite customers, they will enjoy more than 100 channels for a reduced price of just $54.99 per month.

PlayStation Vue

If you are a Core user of the PlayStation Vue, the new package means that you get a few more channels from ESPN. For Elite users, they will also be able to enjoy the Fusion network owned by both Disney and ABC.

Availability and compatibility

Sony PlayStation Vue launched just last March and for sure, it has yet to gain significant usage. With its availability still limited, the Japanese company has also decided to unveil the new packages in select cities across the United States.

As for now, the additional channels and reduced subscription fee for the Vue are only applicable in New York, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, Dallas, San Francisco and Philadelphia.

Sony launched the PlayStation Vue for PS3 and PS4. However, you can still subscribe to this streaming TV service using quite a number of Amazon devices and stream content across multiple devices such as iPhones, iPads, Amazon Fire TV and even Google’s Chromecast.  There is no word of when this ability to reach Android or Windows devices. However, Sony’s effort with the PlayStation Vue places it as a strong competitor to the already established Dish Network’s Sling TV.

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