LG V10 Gets a New 9,000mAh Extended Battery from ZeroLemon

LG V10 Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow update

The LG V10 was unveiled last year. With smartphone battery life having been known to be a real issue among users of this device since its release, ZeroLemon, the company best known for its abilities when it comes to creating large extended batteries for quite a number of smartphones as well as solar-powered battery packs, has unveiled a new 9,000mAh extended battery unit for the LG V10.

This high-end device surprised many with its tiny stock ticker screen that features above the primary display, but still, the 3,000mAh battery unit LG packed in the device doesn’t seem to be enough to power the phablet all throughout the day, especially for power users.

But as usual, there is always a way out for such issues, and this time, it’s ZeroLemon coming to the rescue. As expected, the company’s design has maintained where it wraps around the whole LG V10, with specific buttons as well as cutouts that can easily accommodate the flash module, camera, headphone as well as charging ports.

New battery is three times bigger, can last up to 4 days

In case you didn’t notice, the ZeroLemon-made 9,000mAh battery unit is actually three times what the LG V10 packs. With this in mind, expect to see a battery that is a lot bigger in size than the regular unit. This will also have the same effect on the V10, making it a bit larger than usual.

It is possible that using the hind buttons might be a little problematic once this extended battery gets to the phone. However, ZeroLemon’s design ensures that the case is tapered around the buttons to ease the whole process.

LG V10

The battery, which can be obtained from Amazon for just $59.99, can easily be attached to the V10’s battery compartment with no need of a pass-through port. Considering its size, the ZeroLemon extended battery cannot fit inside the battery compartment together with the out-of-the-box battery case. To take care of this situation, the brains behind it came up with a custom case that wraps around the entire edges of the LG V10 heading towards the display. Being a TPU case, taking it off will leave the battery exposed.

LG V10 comes with Quick Charge 2.0 technology to help speed up the process of filling the stock battery with juice. However, with this new addition, the “Quick Charge” will take an extended period than usual, probably three times as long as usual. Well, even though you may not like this, it just happens to be the price you pay for getting extended battery life. You will also have to deal with a thicker phone; probably more than double the thickness of the stock phone.

The good side of the story is that with this ZeroLemon extended battery, you will be able to get at least two days of usage with your LG V10. If careful, you can even get up to three or four days.

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  1. does anyone know if zero lemon will have a new case for the lg v10? the case that came with the extended battery gaps open on the sides and is pretty much useless.

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