Special Technologies of G Wagon – Everything You Need To Know About The Legendary Car

G Wagon

G Wagon is a fairly recognizable car model. This model is most often associated with strength, aggression and power. Both the external and internal components of the car speak about this. Each update of the legendary model brought the car more and more popularity and recognition. Today we will talk about the special technologies of G Wagon, which appeared during the development of the model and made the car unique!


The first production of the serial “G Wagon” took place in February 1979. It was an incredible SUV of that time, a car that could climb steep mountains and deftly move through difficult terrain. A car that had uncompromising off-road and road capabilities, as well as the maximum variety of use. All these qualities were preserved and multiplied by the creators years later.

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As for the current models, one of the latest models that has already managed to receive ratings and reviews from experienced motorists is the Mercedes-AMG G 63 4×4 2022. What features and technologies were noted by experienced drivers?

Visual changes are exactly what you should expect from 4×4 2. This model has massively expanded wings trimmed with carbon fiber. Carbon fiber continues on the body of the taillights and on the car top, as well as on the spare wheel holder, which has a corresponding full-size spare. A roof rack and a rear ladder are available as options, as well as carbon fiber linings.

The interior of the model is made in a modern Mercedes-Benz style. Luxury and high cost are literally read in the car interior. High-quality materials and talented execution make passengers and the driver feel as comfortable and full as possible. The creators paid a lot of attention to details.

Mercedes-AMG G 63 4x4

The luxury of the interior of the car is complemented by modern technology. For example, the cabin has additional lighting in the air vents and Nappa leather. Also inside you will find buttons to control three differential locks. The external component of the car may look aggressive and powerful, but inside passengers will appreciate the coziness and comfort, as in any high-class Mercedes-Benz.

What’s new in the model? Decorative strips made of matte carbon fiber and special graphics on the digital instrument display were added by the creators to the new car. A special “technological joy” is a digital rearview mirror. This built-in gadget is designed to provide a good view from behind, despite the height of the seat. A thin nappa leather with diamond-shaped stitching and an Alcantara steering wheel are included as standard.

Such a car is a true legend of the automotive industry. The purchase of G Wagon should be as deliberate and conscious as possible because this model is not cheap and requires special maintenance. Listen to your heart, test cars and enjoy long trips in luxury cars – it does not matter if you rent a car or have your own!

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