Spotify May Soon Support Voice Commands, Introduce Driving Mode


Music is unlimited as soon as you login to Spotify, the premium music streaming service around the globe. Once you get addicted to the choice of playlists available, it is tough to come out of it.

There does lie a real problem when people are actually driving their car but would still like to search and find their favorite songs. Apparently, the developers of Spotify are quite aware of this practical and possibly dangerous problem which they want to fix by introducing voice commands to the app. Unless you are directly looking at your phone screen, it is quite impossible to unlock it to change a song, skip one track or increase/ decrease volume among other functions.

Spotify driving mode

Despite the risk factor associated with it, people would still try to look into their phones to find a song they like. Spotify will soon integrate voice commands and will also add a brand new driving mode to the app making it intuitive, safe and fun to use. The information was first spotted by a Reddit user. The community is known for finding developer codes and guess those upcoming features. Going by the legitimate feature, it does seem voice commands are essential and it won’t be surprising to see if the developers are working on it already.

Driving Mode when activated will show a car shaped icon on the app. It will be located on the bottom left corner of the Now Playing screen. When it is active, users will be able to access the most wanted and repeatedly used functionalities with a single tap. When you tap on the car icon, it will open large forward, backward buttons. The button size and position will be in such a way that they would probably fill up your entire phone screen making it easy to skip a song.


The particular mode will also add a microphone button. When you tap on it, it will open voice commands and the app will be ready to listen to your voice. You can specify a particular song, find a playlist or simply let the Spotify app find something from your curated list of songs. The features sound useful and should make driving lot more safer while making sure you don’t get bored when you are stuck in traffic or have to commute long distances everyday.

Spotify didn’t specify whether Driving mode will be exclusive only to paid subscribers but such an essential feature should be made available to everyone, not just those who sign up for safety purposes.

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