Spotify Now Lives in Facebook Messenger, Just Like Uber


Just like Facebook Messenger did with transportation hub Uber, Spotify has now been integrated with this highly popular messaging and calling application owned by Facebook.

This merger with Spotify music streaming app will be the first of its kind with respect to Messenger and it will live inside the “More” section of the application’s chat threads. To trigger it, both Android and iOS users will have to tap on it and they will immediately enter the Spotify app from where they can now carry on with music titles to share with friends on Messenger.

The application is designed in such a way that once the user selects the artist, song, or even playlist s/he wants, it pops back to the Messenger platform where you can easily share the photo of the song’s cover artwork. In the same way, the person on the other end only needs to tap on the artwork and s/he will be directed to Spotify where the music lives.

Facebook Messenger has over 800 million monthly active users

In a bid to immerse you into what they’ve been enjoying all through, the team behind Facebook Messenger has included a customized playlist that you can listen to. This app has more than 800 million monthly active users, a figure that is only surpassed by WhatsApp – another of Facebook’s toys.

Despite the integration with Messenger, music streaming service Spotify still allows users to share songs right from within its app. It supports sharing on popular chat platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger as well as through emails and SMS. What, however, the new integration brings is the ability to easily access Spotify whenever you are discussing any song with a friend on Facebook Messenger.


In most circumstances, those using Spotify and Messenger share songs by using screenshots. Others do this by simply typing the name of the song to the friend, something that is obviously cumbersome. However, now that Spotify lives inside this chat app, there won’t be any reason for you not to listen to a song a friend shared.

Facebook has been on a spree of expanding its Messenger chat app such that business entities can also take advantage of the huge user base it serves. As mentioned at the beginning, Uber already takes advantage of this app in offering its transportation services to the world. Now that Spotify is also on board, it remains to be a matter of time before a flurry of other companies start forcing their way onto this platform, and maybe others such as WhatsApp.

Apple Music has been on the rise ever since it came to life. With this partnership, Spotify stands a better chance of fending off competition from the iPhone giant in a bid to attract more users to use its services.

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