Steam Summer Sale 2016 – Fallout 4, Bioshock and Other Discounts

Steam Summer Sale 2016 Bioshock

Steam Summer Sale 2016 is going on a brisk pace with a new batch of games being discounted once again.

All the old deals are all there but new ones will be highlighted every day.

Valve, the developers of the PC game distribution platform Steam has simplified the big sale this year. Instead of going with flash sales and other timely deals, the company announced that they are going to go with a simple plan this time around. The idea is to introduce a deal which will stay throughout the length of the sale. The Steam summer sale 2016 will run till July 4th next month making it easy for gamers to replenish their wallets and buy more once the month begins.

For the fourth day of the sale, Steam offers Fallout franchise at some amazing discounts. All titles in the franchise is available for 40 to 50% discount including the newly launched Fallout 4. An equally popular franchise, Bioshock is also being discounted. The problem with Steam sales is that almost every title sounds worthy making you go on a spending spree. In the end, most gamers end up accumulating so many games but hardly play any of them.

Steam Summer Sale 2016 Fallout 4

It’s a personal decision that you have to take when buying games this year. Another notable addition in the Steam Summer Sale 2016 is Grand Theft Auto V which has a 40% discount and the same goes for Doom 4 as well. The latter was launched recently and with such great reduction on the actual sticker price, it is tough to not buy and add one of the historic games to your collection.

As with the traditional, Valve has discounted Counter Strike Global Offensive by 50% and it has always been like this for every sale. There are hardly players who haven’t got global offensive yet but the idea is to attract newcomers into buying it. If there is a first person shooter that works on almost all PCs and doesn’t need a huge graphics card like Battlefield games, Counter Strike is the one to go for.

Other notable titles which are discounted on the fourth day of the Steam Summer Sale include Rise of the Tomb Raider, Rocket League, Shadow of Mordor, Rainbow Six Siege, Dying Light, Just Cause 3, Lift is Stranger among thousands of other popular games. You can also find the right ones using personalized recommendations available on the Steam program.

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