Steam Summer sale 2016 – Last Day Deals Fable, Doom, Day Z and Metal Gear Solid

Steam Summer sale 2016 Fable

The ambitious Steam summer sale 2016 has officially come to an end and here are some of the best games that are being discounted for the last time, or at least until the next sale.

While Steam holds different sales throughout the year, the summer and the holiday season sale in December is the biggest of them all. As expected, the Steam summer sale 2016 was an amazing time for PC gamers. The discounts were particularly geared towards the PC gaming platform but we couldn’t deny the fact that many of the games were compatible with Macintosh. Players on the Apple machines could enjoy some games as well as they were available for dirt cheap pricing.

An easy buy from the lot is Fable Anniversary edition for PC. The game is available for an amazing discount of 85 percent. The game couldn’t get cheaper than this. The newly launched Doom 4 along with several other previous titles are also available in the sale. The title is being offered with fifty percent off. The biggest discount yet is on the Bioshock Franchise. A remastered version of the first three games is about to get launched. However, Bioshock infinite is not in the list as it was already made in next gen graphics.

Metal Gear Solid

The Bioshock franchise has an amazing price cut with over 80 percent discount. When you buy the game, you are eligible to receive the remastered copies for free. It totally makes the purchase worth it. A similar deal is available for Elder Scrolls Skyrim. A next gen version of the game is about to get launched this holiday season. If you own Skyrim and all of its DLC packs already, the developers will give you a free copy of the HD edition. Definitely a worthy addition to your Steam collection.

The Steam summer sale 2016 probably encouraged gamers to buy games they don’t actually play but with such discounts, it is really hard to resist and not buy them all. Day Z, the open world survival multiplayer is discounted with 15 percent off while Metal Gear Solid Phantom Pain has a 30 percent discount on its base price. Anime fans should definitely check out Naruto Shippuden Storm 4 with a cool fifty percent off but know that the game spoils the end. The anime series is yet to air its final episode. It was a great sale and Steam proved why PC gaming is amazing one more time!

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