Strange Disappearance of HTC 10 from T Mobile Online Outlet – Glitch Behind the Status

HTC -10

Very strangely, the HTC 10 seems to have disappeared from the online outlet of T Mobile.

T Mobile is no longer selling the device. However, the T Mo site showed that the device was on a back order in the beginning of the week and now it is just not there. T Mobile has stated that it is still carrying the device and that the phone will soon return to the online store. The phone can be purchased in an unlocked version from HTC or from T Mobile, Sprint and Verizon networking companies on contract.

Glitch Changed Status

It has been reported that the T Mo continues to have an inventory for the online sales of HTC 10. There is reportedly been a glitch causing the device to disappear, while T Mobile was attempting to change the status from the back order one. It is expected that the phone will soon be on the online sale inventory, within a day or two.

How to Get HTC 10

However, if you are not ready to wait for it to reappear on the online store, there are other options. Those who want the smartphone immediately can order it from the customer care or they can visit a local store and get it with a direct ship. It is also possible to buy the device directly from HTC, though this will be the unlocked version. It will have compatibility with the T Mobile network. There is also a discount of $100 till the 31st of July. The unlocked phone from the company is compatible with both AT&T as well as T Mobile networks. It is available for around $599.

HTC 10

The unlocked version of HTC 10 has less of bloat ware, with fewer pre-loaded apps. Users can have a less cluttered experience and more customizable features. In addition, if they crack the screen in the first year of owning the unlocked phone, the company will replace the phone for free. The UH OH feature for protection also includes damage due to water.

HTC 10 – A Closer Look

There is more to the HTC 10 than meets your eye. The smartphone is the only one in the world having an OIS camera on the rear and in the front. The camera offers superior images from all angles. It is the world’s first feature of its kind, offering bright and sharp images. HTC themes can also be customized, with the option of exercising your free choice.

The Power of the Phone

HTC 10 is a powerful phone offering unparalleled performance. The phone comes with a superior 24 bit, Hi resolution sound feature. The camera rankings of the phone are among the highest from the DxOMark. The pone comes with a well-crafted unibody in metal and glass. The DAC is built in and can covert a 16 bit audio into a 24 bit HR sound, offering greater depth and a richness that is unimaginable in a smartphone. It offers the best quality of sound available in the market today, having Dolby Audio Surround and improved an amplifier.

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