Teaser of XiaomiRedmi Pro – OLED Screen Display with Deca Core SoC Presenting a Suitable Successor to Note 3

Redmi Pro teaser

Xiaomi has come up with teasers of the yet to be released Redmi Pro phone, hinting at an OLED screen display, with a deca core processor powering the smartphone.

Teaser Hints through Weibo Posts

The company is up for a China event on the 27th of July, and even before the event, it has started sending out teasers of the upcoming smartphone, the Redmi Pro. The company hinted at these two features through some Weibo posts. The first post shows celebrity chef, Liu Shi Shi claiming to have cooked the Oled Ping, which points to the OLED screen display upfront. In the second teaser post, the same chef is stated to be preparing a dish, “ ten nuclear double stem head” and a “brushed gold potato”.  This points to the deca core processor feature along with dual cameras.

These two Weibo teasers only go to confirm a leak that was released earlier, stating that the Redmi Pro will come with a deca core processor,MediaTek, MT6797M and this will be combined with a RAM of 3 GB.

Previous Rumors and Leaks

There were some leaks prior to this one, stating that the Redmi Pro would run a skin MIUI over the Android Marshmallow, 6.0 version. The leaks also suggested that there will be another variant of the phone coming with a RAM of 4 GB. The phone was reportedly seen on the Geekbench benchmark, wherein it scored 1218 in the single core testing and scored 4183 in the multi core testing.

Xiaomi Redmi Pro teaser

Leaked Images on Design

Some of the images of the Redmi Pro that have been leaked show the device in a unibody made of metal. It comes with the antenna bands placed on the upper and lower portion of the device. The right part of the phone has its volume rockers as well as power button. A fingerprint scanner is also found in the front side of the phone. The phone is supposed to come with two cameras on the rear, placed one beneath the other vertically.

Successor to Redmi Note 3

The upcoming phone will reportedly be available at a price of around 1000 Yuan. With this price, it seems that the Redmi Pro could be a very suitable successor for the Note 3. It is yet to be seen if the phone is nothing but a Note 4, only in disguise.

Mi 5S May be Launched

The device will be launched on the 27th of July in Beijing. The company is reportedly launching two devices on that day. One is the Redmi Pro, whereas the other one is a mysterious partner of the same. Earlier, the second device was reported as a laptop. There is no confirmed news regarding the second phone, so it could also be Mi 5S.

There were rumors claiming that the Mi 5S will come with dual cameras at the back and have a display that is pressure sensitive, similar to the 3D Touch of Apple phones.

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