Stunning Shadow Warrior 2 Gets an Action Packed Launch Trailer

Shadow Warrior 2 Trailer

The developers of popular action titles Devolver Digital is back at it again.

A launch trailer for Shadow Warrior 2 is out now and the game is available for purchase on Steam as well as GOG online stores.

There are very titles that are actually capable of offering stunning action sequences to keep players engaged. From the trailer, it looks like Shadow Warrior 2 has all the elements to make the first person monster shooter a notable hit. The game is available from October 13th onwards and it should probably be up for sale right now.

Shadow Warrior 2

Weapon combinations play an important role in making the game interesting. The lead character Lo Wang has many items at his disposal including guns, blades, grenades and magical attacks. With spells, Wang can simply wipe every enemy on screen but all magic abilities are limited pushing him to make use of the guns in most scenarios.

A special weapon that has been introduced in Shadow Warrior 2 is the razorback chainsaw katana. It is a combination of a large sword with a chainsaw and has sharp edges to pierce monsters into half. The game’s recommended and minimum requirements for it to run smooth on PCs is also revealed on the official Steam page.

Players need a PC running on Windows 7, 8 or 10 with an Intel i3 processor and 8 GB of RAM. Nvidia Geforce GT 560Ti or HD 6850 is the minimum requirement for Shadow Warrior 2 to run while the recommended graphics cards are GTX 970 and R9 290. The game is however smaller in size and requires 14 gigabytes of space to be installed.

Shadow Warrior 2 Trailer

Another interesting and must try aspect of the game is that it allows players to go online with their friends. The main campaign supports four player co-op similar to games like Left 4 Dead and Killing Floor. Going alone is raw and action packed but when you have friends helping you out in the monster filled world, shooting and taking them down becomes more addictive like never before.

Shadow Warrior 2 also features new outfits, armor, characters and brand new enemies who are powerful. The bosses are always tough to take down but it becomes much easier and engaging when you play as a team with three other friends. The game developer, Devolver Digital offers a special deluxe edition that includes additional content and future updates to keep the action rolling.

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