Verizon Confirms Release of Android Update for Pixel Phones in Time – Verizon States it will Not Hold Back Updates


Verizon has confirmed that it will not stand in the way of releasing the major updates for Google’s Pixel phones.

The phone will get their updates simultaneously with Google.

Pixel Phones

When Google launched the Pixel phones last week, Verizon was not able to confirm the issuance of Android updates to coincide with the timing of the unlocked models that were sold by Google through the online store. Later, Google confirmed with 9 to 5 Google stating that Verizon would be able to release the system update for the models bought from Verizon.

Pixel Phones

Timely Updates

Buyers of the Pixel phones were worried, as timely updates for the Android phones have always been a major problem. Most of the time, the cause of the problem is the major carriers like Verizon. Verizon and other carriers are not interested in taking the effort of testing an update. This is especially so if the device is not a big seller, such as the iPhone. Due to this, most carriers run late with their updates.

Timely updates are important and in case of Google phones it is especially so, as these phones always carry the latest Android version.

Verizon’s Promise

However, Verizon has promised that it will not meddle. The company has made a statement in the Business Insider and the representative has stated that Verizon will not block any of the major updates of Google. All users who buy the Google Pixel from Verizon are sure to get the updates as soon as Google releases them.

Google Pixel from Verizon

Zero Interference

Verizon is promising zero interference and is promising to offer the updates to the buyers of Verizon Pixel devices in a manner similar to the way it handles the iOS updates for iPhones. This claim might not apply to some other Android devices. Its update policy will include the entire operating system connected with the updates for the OS, the security patches and so on.

Verizon has promised to offer the updates to its Pixel phones and synchronize it with Google in the future. In addition, Google has also offered confirmation to ArsTechnica, stating that the updates will be offered at the same time for the unlocked Pixel phones as well as the Verizon devices.

No Lag

Verizon had also stated previously that their Pixel version would receive the security updates directly from Google. This means that the devices will not be lagging behind on the Google updates, which cannot be said for other third party Android phones.

Unlocked Pixel Phones and Verizon Versions

Pixel Phones Verizon Versions

If Verizon is to be believed there will not be much difference between the unlocked Pixel phones and the Verizon devices. The only difference will be that the Verizon versions of Pixel phones will come along with three of the Verizon applications preloaded in them. However, all the three apps can be deleted. The bootloader is also going to be locked. This will prevent the user from installing customized software or from installing a different Android version.

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