Sunshine, the Weather App for iOS Now in Testing for Android Too

Sunshine the weather app

Sunshine is a very popular and an exclusive weather app for the iOS platform.

It is now looking forward to making its way even to the Android-based platform. The app provides specialized and useful information about the weather rather than a detailed report. It brings to the users very accurate data about the weather forecast. The app is now in its Beta testing stage for the Android domain, though there has not been any formal announcement from the developers of the app.

Daily frustration because of inaccurate weather forecasts at a local beach urged the creators into building this app. Beach weather is comparatively more difficult to be predicted since it is very likely to experience different weather conditions than the weather at any average place. This glaring case became a broadly applicable concept. The creators came up with the question of why not rely on the already available people and data that is handy to reveal information about the weather forecasts. So the concept was developed with some support from the sensor for barometric pressure, which is then just added to the iPhones.

They hitched on to what now became a quite refined backend, applying the sensor data from the phones to analyze the onsite conditions around the place in a better way. The app has a vivid and bright interface for its users. Along with a visual treat, Sunshine provides the basic essential information about the weather forecasts in simple terms.

Sunshine app

Along with these features, a social element is also present which allows the users to see reports from other fellow users as to how they feel about the weather. This helps the users to understand what the weather is actually like and to get prepared when planning a vacation or to dressing up etc. accordingly in response to the weather conditions.

These same sensors have now come to the Android platform, so it is a very sensible step for the developers to take the much-needed leap. Sunshine’s Beta version comes into the market not long after the Dark Sky, which is another popular weather app for iOS, had issued its Android variant. However, there was an outrage regarding how the Dark Sky Android app had a premium usage subscription when compared to iOS where it is a one-time purchase. Even worse is that the Android-based interface had elements that were familiar with the iOS design, which made it look out of place.

However, by looking at all the features and functionality Sunshine seems to be in a better position. It is a free service app and it fits well into the Android culture. Of course, the app never had any of the signature features of the iOS design and has clean lines, bright colors, usage of shapes and designs that make it look perfectly right in the Design world.

The only setback to this app is the monotony and repetitive content, which needs to be tweaked a bit to make it feel like a Native Android app. The users will have to first sign up for the Beta version since just a normal search will not help find Sunshine at the Play Store.

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