Survey Report: Pokémon Go First Month Detailed Earnings plus Benefactors

Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go, created by the Niantic Labs, has garnered over $250 million in the first month of existence. But according to a survey done by Polling Company, YouGov, in Germany, U.S., and Britain, the augmented reality game has earned $268 million up to now. According to the survey report, the game could generate over a billion dollars in returns this year alone.

Just like other Pokémon games, Pokémon Go allows players to hunt, capture, train and fight monsters – except the latter is a location-based augmented reality game where everything happens on your smartphone screen but you have to travel physically to local locations as part of the gameplay. Pokémon Go is free-to-play but for a seamless advancement through the game you can pay for add-ons.

In comparison to earnings by other games in a similar duration, the $268 million generated by Pokémon Go compares to $125 million netted by Clash Royale and $25 million earned by Candy Crush Soda Saga. However, the surveying team believes Pokémon Go has the power to keep it going, unlike other hits that did not last.

The breakdown of the figures in the three countries reveals that the game earned most in the United States. Here are the details.

United States

As stated earlier, the U.S. leads the way with the most number of downloads and players. According to YouGov, since Pokémon Go was launched on July 6, 34.5 million adults in the U.S., translating to 10 percent of the total population of adults in the country, have installed the game on their devices. Out of the 34.5 million people, 30.8 million who downloaded the app, that is 90%, still have it up and running on their devices and it’s also revealed that the group played the game in the last one week.

Pokemon Go



The survey also reveals that nearly 10 million players have bought the in-app purchases. Which is a whopping 29% of the total U.S. players. Again, over 57% of the buyers have used up to $19.9 while an additional 2.86 million players (about 28.5%) used between $20 and $59.99. Lastly, approximately 480,000 players in the US (almost 5 percent of total players in the country) spent more than $100 on the add-ons.


In the UK the game was released on July 14th. Since then, slightly over six million adults have downloaded the app. 87% of them still have the game running on their devices and are still playing it. For in-game purchases, 60% of all players in Britain have used money. Most of them are paying more than the stipulated minimum 79 pence with the expenditure ranging between 80 pence and 14.99 pounds.

Away from earnings, YouGov also revealed that the game has a number of players above the age of 35 years to disapprove the misconception that Pokémon Go is a game for the youth only. However, the company says the game creators have a huge task of innovating and pushing out more features to keep players going as they can easily get bored.

 Returns shared between different companies

As we know Pokémon Go is a joint product of the creator Niantic Inc. and Pokémon Company who owns the characters and other property.However, the list of earners includes companies like Nintendo who owns shares. Rumors speculate that after other payments have been made, the two companies remain with about 55 percent of the total earnings to share.

Nintendo reportedly takes home a whopping direct thirteen percent of the total revenue. Apple and Google also have a share of the ransom when add-ons are sold through the Google Play or App Store. Analysts say the duo splits thirty percent of the total cash earned between themselves.

Pokemon Go

How long will Pokémon Go dominate?

Dan Tochen, Research Director at YouGov, thinks Pokémon Go is likely to dominate the augmented reality space for some time.

According to Tochen, the Niantic game’s current success and dominance are fueled by two key advantages. First, for over 20 years Pokémon Company has developed a huge fan base and had quite a number of amusements in the past. Secondly, the franchise gameplay clips superbly with augmented reality.

The advantages put Pokémon Go in a pole position to continue dominating the sector. If any company is to release a brand that will succeed in augmented reality, Tochen thinks franchises with a pedigree like Star Wars and Harry Potter are to be watched out, not any startup.

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