WhatsApp Beta App for Windows Phone Updated to Version 2.16.154

WhatsApp for Windows Phone

WhatsApp support for Windows Phone was introduced back in the month September 2011. Since then, several updates have been rolled out for the app running on the Microsoft OS. Today, the latest WhatsApp version in the Windows Store is v2.16.154 and with it comes a number of UI changes.

As it has always been the tradition, WhatsApp Inc. releases frequent updates most of which carry few or no changes at all, except improvements in system functionality and bug fixes. However, the latest Windows Phone beta update has some slight changes in the top menu. After the new update that takes the app to version 2.16.154, the status menu that was dormant has started working. The menu came along with the previous update but has been inactive without any response upon tapping.

On tapping the top menu after the update, WhatsApp for Widows Phone now presents users with three options. Users can now select messages to either delete or forward. More information on a group or individual contact is now visible. Last but not least, the third option enables you to change your WhatsApp background. However, some users say the top menu has been active on their apps.

The beta release was previously closed, but the update is now open for download by any user. However, as with beta releases, version 2.16.154 may fix bugs in the previous version but may carry along bugs itself. In case you cannot stomach the hitches, you can always go back to the stable version.

As more updates are being rolled out, WhatsApp users (mainly those on older operating systems-Windows Phone 7 and below) should have in mind that the application will stop support for some of these older operating systems. On February 26, 2016, WhatsApp Inc. announced that the app will not support some operating systems by the end of this year. According to the statement, WhatsApp will cease support for BlackBerry (BlackBerry 10 inclusive), Symbian and Series 40, along with older versions of Windows Phone, iOS, and Android.


Nonetheless, WhatsApp is still available on several platforms. Apart from the well-known mobile devices running on Windows, iOS, and Android operating systems, the support has been stretched to other platforms.  The company launched WhatsApp Web client in January 2015. The format allows users to use WhatsApp through web browsers on their PCs.

WhatsApp support for PCs was also introduced in May 2016 and is available for Windows and Mac operating systems. However, the support is limited to higher versions of the OS. Versions less than Windows 8 and Mac OS 10.9 are not supported. The app works like WhatsApp Web, that is, it requires that you sync your smartphone connection and is downloadable from the official WhatsApp website.

On to another platform, WhatsApp for Android, the latest beta update includes a new feature called Multiple Forwarding, which allows users to send a message to multiple contacts instantly.

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