T-Mobile ONE Plan hits back at Verizon Unlimited with HD Video plus 10GB LTE Tethering


Just yesterday, Verizon Wireless revived its unlimited data plan, but in a revised manner, similar to what other carriers like T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T have been doing.

Verizon Unlimited is valued at $80 per month. For this, you get unlimited calls and texts that include Canada and Mexico as well as up to 22GB of high-speed LTE data, with up 10GB of this available for LTE tethering. However, your internet speeds will be capped when you exceed 22GB of monthly data usage as well as when you go past 10GB with respect to tethering. Still, Verizon notes that video streaming will still be available in HD even after dropping from LTE to 3G.

Now, as if to get back at Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile has updated its ONE plan, which also offers users with unlimited data, although it has lots of confusing catches all over it. The plan was also met with some controversy thanks to a bunch of limits that it came with – limits that Verizon’s Unlimited doesn’t have. According to T-Mobile CEO John Legere, the new T-Mobile ONE plan will no longer cap the video quality at 480p, instead, the carrier now joins Verizon in offering HD video all through.


In addition to HD video, T-Mobile ONE plan also gets up to 10GB of LTE tethering, similar to what Verizon Unlimited offers. Interestingly, T-Mobile had limited tethering to a mere 512Kbps, but for those who were willing to go further and sign up for the ONE Plus plan or maybe pay the $3 passes that last for only 24 hours, faster speeds were still available.

Apparently, the 24-hour passes are not gone, but the good side of the story is that they are now free. All one has to do is turn it on whenever they want to watch something in HD video quality. On the other hand, the price of the T-Mobile ONE plan doesn’t change – it remains at $70 per month, $10 cheaper than Verizon Unlimited.

These changes will not take effect until February 17 for both existing and new customers. Still, the former will need to activate the features via their T-Mobile app.

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