T-Mobile’s LG G6 Discounted to Just $500 – You still get a free Google Home

LG G6 with free Google Home

Just yesterday, we reported about an amazing deal on AT&T’s LG G6, where the giant carrier is now selling the flagship at nearly half the price of the original.

Even though there are a number of caveats involved, you’ll still end up with an LG G6 for just $360. This is by far the best deal on the G6, but AT&T is not the only U.S. carrier with an amazing deal for the G5 successor.

Apparently, you can pick up a brand new LG G6 at T-Mobile for $500, down from the usual $650 that the Magenta carrier charges for the phone. In addition to saving yourself an amazing $150, T-Mobile will still give you a free Google Home to accompany the G6, just like it has been since the device’s release in the U.S.

T-Mobile is obviously looking for ways to keep the sales of the LG G6 flowing, especially now that a rival carrier is offering an even better deal, but as usual, with terms and conditions. However, be warned that this deal is not here forever. If you want to grab the G6 for the said $500, you must do it before May 7, which is actually this Sunday. The deal is available as from today, which means you still got plenty of time to think about it. In order to be eligible for the free Google Home, you’ll have to complete the Online Submission alongside the purchase of the LG G6 on or before the aforementioned date.


Just in case you didn’t know, T-Mobile was the first to start LG G6 shipments in the U.S. and now that other carriers are throwing in some amazing deals, Magenta wouldn’t want to start playing the chasing game. With this stiff competition between carriers, the obvious beneficiaries are the customers as the prices also keep dropping day in day out. Hopefully, things will get even better sooner or later, at least for those who still view the $500 price tag as pricey.