Tesla has an All-Electric Truck Set for Sept Launch, Teaser Image Released

Tesla All-Electric Truck

Stepping into the all-electric segment used to be a tough call until Tesla changed the game with their Model S sedan. Now, they are venturing into another segment unheard of with an all-electric setup.

A teaser image released now confirmed that Tesla is not only going to make sedans and SUVs that are powered by electric motors but the brand is going to launch large, transportation trucks with electric technology. The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk is experimenting a lot with artificial intelligence and space shuttles. It is no wonder Tesla, the automobile brand under his lead doesn’t hesitate to touch areas that any conventional brand would think twice before stepping in.

Tesla All-Electric Truck Teaser

As confirmed by Musk earlier, the first truck produced by HGV tractor unit under the Tesla brand will be revealed in the month of September. All-electric vehicles in the commercial sector could have huge impact on the entire automobile market if proven successful because they will not only contribute largely to the reduction of emission but will also reduce transportation costs, when electricity is generated using solar power.

The brand’s products are always under cover until the big reveal date. The upcoming heavy electric truck is no different as we hardly have any technical specifications or design aspects of the vehicle. The teaser image does showcase a large vehicle that is still in its concept stage and a production version will be shown only in September, if we are to go by the words of Elon Musk. The electric range will play a vital role in determining the success of this vehicle. Delivering the same 300 miles with a commercial truck requires a mammoth sized battery to be used and is a very ambitious claim at the moment.

Tesla All-Electric Truck

However, the electric car maker Tesla had always had the most ambitious projects which later became the norm in the industry. Model S sedan and the Model X SUV are great examples. The company is also working on Model 3 sedan which costs $35,000 and easily the cheapest EV in the market that is expected to bring EV technology to mainstream buyers without breaking the bank. The car will be available in stores in 2019 and by that time, the manufacturer had also planned to launch the commercial trucks and possibly models with robust glass panels that can act as a source to generate solar power for the electric motors within.