T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S5 Receiving Android Marshmallow

T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S5 Receiving Android Marshmallow

Samsung has been actively involved in updating a number of its high end devices to the Android 6.0 marshmallow operating system.

The latest device to receive the update is the Samsung Galaxy S5 on the T-Mobile networks. The update to the Android 6.0.1 operating system is being pushed as the updates for the T-Mobile Galaxy S5. One of the oldest high-end smartphones still being supported by Samsung, the Galaxy S5 came into the markets back in 2014. It launched with the Android 4.4 KitKat operating system. Since then, it has been upgraded to the 5.0 Lollipop.

Users, though, have been treated to a special upgrade with the Marshmallow operating system. Not many would have been expecting the Galaxy S5 to support this operating system since the device is almost two years old. Manufacturers like Samsung, Sony and HTC tend to favor updates to their newer models, with the idea of keeping them fresh during the 12-month long cycle.

T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S5

The Android 6.0 marshmallow brings various new features to the device like Google Now on Tap and better transparency over the permissions being given over to apps. There are some excellent features deep within the operating system like the ability to go into sleep mode after a period of inactivity. Battery management has not always been one of the strong points of the Android operating system. This has meant that manufacturers like Samsung and Sony have come out with versions of their own in order to get more juice out of the battery.

The ultra-battery saving mode in the Galaxy S5 is the perfect example, but the arrival of the Android 6.0 operating system’s new features may eliminate the need for such options.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 may not have been a huge success like its predecessors, but the phone laid the path for a number of new inventions in the Samsung lineup like the fingerprint sensor. The Galaxy S5 was in fact one of the first devices outside the iPhone range to come with a fingerprint sensor. The device carried a 5.1 inch display and a full HD resolution. Its powerful snapdragon 801 processor is even capable of handling the Android N, which is due for release before the end of the year. However, it is highly unlikely that Samsung will be providing support until then.

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