WhatsApp Tops the List of the Most Popular Android Messaging Apps

WhatsApp for PC vs Viber for PC

The latest report from a data analytics company has ranked WhatsApp as the most popular Android messaging app in the world.

SimilarWeb used Android data in 187 countries to determine the most popular mobile messaging app. WhatsApp messaging service claimed 109 countries of the 187 countries used in the research. This translates to 55.6 percent of all Android users in the 187 countries.

The number of people using mobile phones is ever on the rise and mobile messaging apps are becoming a routine way of communicating. According to the report, a messaging app is the most used app overall in almost each and every country.

However, there are various options to choose from each with its benefits and hitches. Seemingly WhatsApp has won the hearts of most Android users. In fact, the app is not only the most popular but also twice as popular as the second placed app. With the anticipated video calling feature, the service is destined to claim a larger territory. The popular app has captured countries like Brazil, India, Russia, and Mexico. It also commands market in Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and South America.

Facebook Messenger ranked second

Facebook Messenger followed in the second place with quite a large interval. Facebook’s app claimed a total of 49 countries which is 25.9 percent of the total data. The two Facebook-owned apps command over 80 percent of all Android users’ market. This shows Facebook’s dominance in social media platform. Certainly, it’s the largest social media client in the world. Messenger commands market space in the U.S, Canada as well as Australia.

Viber is placed third and is the only other messaging app to claim more than 10 countries. The service is most popular in Eastern Europe and is the top Android messaging service in Ukraine, Moldova, and Belarus among others. Viber is so popular in these areas and as of this April, the app was installed in over 65 percent of all Android smartphones in Ukraine. Besides, it was used for an average of 16 minutes per day. The third-ranked app also extends command in countries like Libya, Sri Lanka, and Iraq.


Other mobile messaging apps that claimed at least a country

Telegram, LINE, and WeChat also claimed more than two countries. The apps are used in China, Japan and Iran. LINE is the most popular mobile messaging app in Japan. In fact, it is used at an average of 40 minutes a day.

Wrapping up the report are apps that claimed only a single country. IMO is the most used app in Cuba; KakaoTalk claimed South Korea; most Android users in Eritrea prefer ChatOn; Zalo is the preferred  service in Vietnam, and  Blackberry’s BBM commands the market space in Indonesia. Surprisingly, as of April, 87.5 percent of Android users in Indonesia had BBM installed on their devices. The divide between BBM users in Indonesia and other countries is so large. In fact, only 0.42 percent of Android devices in the U.S had the app installed.

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  1. Now that WhatsApp finally offers end-to-end encryption, some think it’s safe to use, but I don’t agree. It still collects all metadata (including your location). Why not use a secure messenger (like Signal or Threema)?

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