T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S8 buy one get one free offer may be revived today

samsung galaxy s8 blue coral

Ever since Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ started selling in the U.S. back in April, T-Mobile has been attracting more buys via the buy one get one free offer.

But as usual with any enticing deal as this one, it is never here to last forever. The good side of the story, however, is that the Magenta carrier might be having plans to revive the deal starting this day, July 28th. This has not been confirmed just yet, especially since it’s coming from a tipster who has close ties with the carrier.

Apparently, those who will be willing to take advantage of the new Samsung Galaxy S8 BOGO deal will need to buy two S8 or S8+ phones on EIP and include a T-Mobile One or Simple Choice Unlimited plan to the deal. Once you have paid for the two phones, you will then be able to get the refund for the second phone you paid for by completing a rebate request that will earn you back a cool $750 prepaid MasterCard.

Note that the $750 rebate is meant for the Galaxy S8. But if you happen to purchase two Samsung Galaxy S8+ units, you will earn back a cool $800 via the same channel. Furthermore, the tipster notes that the Magenta carrier might be working on something more for @Work customers, where by this segment will also get a chance to earn a free Samsung DeX on top of this BOGO deal.

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