PS Plus Price for European Gamers Increased, Official Statement

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Sony has made the announcement official in an email sent to all existing subscribers.

The subscription for the PS Plus service in Europe is getting hiked.

Those who received the e-mail were kind of surprised because it was rumoured at times but gamers didn’t expect Sony to make the decision and go with it. According to the message sent to Playstation Plus subscribers, the pricing will change from August 31st, 2017 onwards.

The price change is quite drastic because it is a 25 percent hike compared to what players were paying so far. For those on a budget, this would sound like an expensive way to go about it. However, they don’t have much choice because in order to receive the benefits of monthly free PS Plus games and to play multiplayer titles, they have to cope up with the price change.

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For UK gamers, the original subscription pricing which was at £39.99 has now been increased to £49.99 per year. For those who prefer to go with the annual subscription, they might probably save some cash because it looks like the cheapest way to continue enjoying the services without having to repeated renewals. If you still need options, the quarterly plans are also provided by Sony. It used to cost £19.99 which is hiked to £19.99.

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Monthly subscription charges for PS Plus which was earlier at £5.99 is now at £6.99. Sony has confirmed that the new membership charges will automatically be updated in their servers. If you have linked your credit card to it for automatic renewal, the new pricing will be applicable from August 31st onwards. All existing members will have to pay the new price, irrespective of the subscription model they have applied for.

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For those who are planning to buy a new subscription, the new rates are applicable from September 1st and it will be stacked to the current membership period, if you have signed up for quarterly or annual programs.

With the PS Plus subscription, gamers in Europe can gain access to all the important things from Sony including free games rolled out every month, new updates and so on. Despite hiking the price, Sony failed to provide an actual reason as to why they are making it more expensive than it already is. It has put off some long time Playstation fans but the company’s official statement focuses more on the services they offer and their dedication to customer satisfaction.

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