Technical Specifications of Samsung’s Own VR Headset Revealed

Samsung ExynosVR III

Samsung is building a virtual reality headset of its own.

Instead of relying on Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive, the company is interested in making its own models which would make it easier for them to promote their phones and create a standalone market.

After lots of rumors, technical specifications and more details with photos of the prototype version of the VR headset has been released online. The headset has been named the Samsung ExynosVR III which is kind of confusing for the buyers. There is no Exynos VR I or II device available so far but it could be an internal name that indicates they have been working for long on this technology before it has been made public.

Samsung ExynosVR III Specs

All the essential features that would make a virtual reality headset a reliable device can be found in the Samsung model as well. It is integrated with features including voice recognition, facial recognition, motion sensors as well as visual camp’s eye tracking technology so that it could be used in games. The sensor also allows multimedia content developers to develop 3D technology and other immersive content which works based on the position of your eye.

A significant advantage lies with the said eye tracking sensor. It doesn’t render the highest resolution, for example full HD 1080p resolution on the entire screen of the headset. Rather, the resolution will be lowered in other areas while the location of your Iris will be detected so that it can be rendered in the highest possible resolution. The company claims that it allows them to provide the best battery life and not let it drain within hours once you start using the VR headset.

Samsung ExynosVR III

Samsung Exynos VR III is powered by a 2.5 GHz Samsung M2 processor combined with 1.7GHz Cortex A53 processor, four of them to be precise which allows the VR headset to work as a standalone device without relying on a smartphone or tablet. A Mali G71 graphics processing unit takes care of the graphical capability which is essential for high resolution video playback and gaming. It is also equipped with WQHD+ resolution displays offering 90Hz refresh rate while another version uses an impressive 4K display with 75 Hz refresh rate.

Compared to many other devices available in the market today, the ExynosVR III with 4K display is such a leap ahead and could actually make virtual reality a possible addition to the world of smartphones and tablets.

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