Tekken 7 Trailer Indicates Good Chances of Featuring a Lot of Action 

Tekken 7 Trailer

A trailer of the much awaited Tekken 7 action packed entertainment from Bandai Namco was released at the Golden Joystick Awards held recently.

Just as can be expected from any massive fighting game, you will experience the inclusion of a lot of computer graphics as part of its development. Expected to hit the shelves as a 2017 release, it is clear that this pastime will definitely be available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. The PS4 version is also expected to feature quite a lot of single player content. Although not confirmed at the moment, there are very strong rumors about high chances of compatibility on Nintendo Switch, Xbox Scorpio and PS4 Pro also. Tekken 7 is all about putting an end to the Mishima feud and clan with a lot of personal bloody fights. The whole game sequence will be illustrated in a new story format. This ninth part of the Tekken series is the first to incorporate the concept of an unreal engine.

Tekken 7

What the trailer says about the Tekken 7 game

The story will narrate the reason for a conflict among people of three different generations – grandfather Heihachi Mishima, son Kazuya Mishima and grandson Jin Kazama. Apart from the storyline and highlights of the earlier fights, this new game will also give dialogs to guide you on what is happening. There will no longer be a spur-of-the-moment fighting like the earlier versions. Also, the latest version appears to be setting a very high standard for its players. More than half of the trailer focuses on the non-game strategies used and the game’s dedication to cinematics. It is almost towards the last quarter of the trailer that we see a volley of game play shots in rapid sequence. The trailer also shows Jin Kazama adorning a fancy jewel on his forehead. It is assumed for now that this jewel is going to be used in order to take control of the devil genie.

Inputs from various reports

A Gamenguide statement indicates that the game video will not let down action lovers. While old characters continue to be still available, there will also be various new entrants. One such new character is Akuma who will be seen as a street fighter in constant rivalry with the key patriarch Kazumi. Although she is going to be introduced as a guest character, there is no doubt that Akuma will have a significant and uncompromising role in the story. An online source mentions that she gets involved in the internal family fights in the primitive stages. This leads to her waging a war against her husband Heihachi Mishima and their son. Old or new, each character will be well trained in his martial art form.

Based on an article that appeared in Cinemablend, the diehard interest for the fight enthralls the players controlling the fighters. It also making them familiar with various techniques and moves deployed in the game. Added to these factors, the enhancement of video graphics, the fighting arena and lively characters are sure to get the players all the more involved in Tekken 7.

In an interview with Gamespot, Kastuhiro Harada, the key producer of the game mentions that the story mode adopted for Tekken 7 will be slightly vary from the earlier versions. It is bound to differ from the typical story mode deployed in a fighting game wherein after the game is loaded, each character talks a little to others just before the battle. Following this, the battle takes place in the same position throughout. Tekken 7 is all set to not only change the circumstances that lead to the battle and the team involved in the same but also each character’s reaction to why the battle is being fought. As a player, you will be able to relate to your position with respect to your opponent, as well as analyze the current position of the arena and take your health into consideration. All these can be done before the battle actually begins. The graphic effects will first focus on the area that the game is going to be played and then onto the game play. This is sure to get players all the more immersed.

Tekken 7 Trailer

Two new features in Tekken 7 for better enjoyment

To add to the fury of the attacks, Tekken 7 will incorporate the two Rage Art and Power Crush mechanisms to its existing large list of various modes of defense and combination attacks. Rage Art is being created to cause an attack that results in just 30 percent damage. On the other hand, the Power Crush will prove to be handy when your player is attacked. With this feature, even when he is under attack, the Tekken 7 player will be capable of lashing back at the opponent.

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