Telegram to Now Add Support for Android 7.0 Nougat; Make Your Own GIF Images and a Lot More


It is like an iron law that anything that has been added new, be it a new feature to an existing app or an entirely new app itself, it becomes difficult for the new entrants to mark their place in the market and to make the big players respond well.

However, if the product if from Google, then it should not come as a surprise at all since the tech giant is constantly working on improving its existing apps and to bring in new additions to make life easier for its loyal users. After the much-hyped launch of Allo looks like it is time for the instant messaging apps like Telegram and WhatsApp to compete with each other, to win the customers with new inclusions to their text messaging applications. There are a lot of additions which come with the newly updated Telegram version 3.12.


Make your own GIFs

The users can now make their own GIFs by using the new updated Telegram app. The videos which have been recorded on the mobile device can be muted and then it can be converted into the looping GIFs which can autoplay in the chat window.

Edit Your Pictures

With the latest update, the Telegram app will now allow the users to edit their photos and draw in them. They can also add text, stickers, or masks to the photos. The masks are something which will resize the photos and overlay them smartly as they can recognize faces, just like Snapchat. There are many masks that are available within the app, however, the users can also upload their own new masks. The company has launched a new platform wherein the users can themselves upload their own sets of glasses, beards, masks, and likewise so that they create their own GIFS, by making appropriate commands to the @stickers bot. The users can also get direct access to the trending stickers from the stickers’ panel from any of their chat windows.

Supports Android 7.0 Nougat

The most important addition that comes with this new update to the Telegram app version 3.12 is that it now officially offers support to Android 7.0 Nougat. Nougat is the latest version of Android, which comes with a great set of notification features. Nougat is popular for separating the notifications even if it is within the app. So, with Telegram supporting Nougat, the users can reply to a chat from within the notification shade, without having to open the app. This is possible even if there are multiple notifications from Telegram. This comes handily when the user wishes to deal with just one conversation and not the others which will open in the Telegram app.

Android 7.0 Nougat

Though it is running on just a few devices still, it is great to see that Telegram is supporting the 7.0 Nougat in Android devices.

The new updates for Telegram app version 3.12 are available at the Google Play Store for the Android-based mobile devices and at the App Store for iOS devices.

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